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  • Bio-pharmacy

    Through a series of products such as various types of protection, gene level, cell level, protein level, virus platform, etc., we provide one-stop service for the whole process of biopharmaceutical development from antibody research and development, process development to commercial production.
  • In Vitro Diagnosis

    Multi-platform technology for in vitro diagnostics from a series of products such as sample storage, processing, reaction, and testing of various sample tubes, pipetting products, tool enzymes, membranes, instruments, and related supporting facilities.
  • Environmental Test

    Provide protection for environmental safety from multiple dimensions such as microbial testing, water quality testing, and mycoplasma testing.
  • Food Safety

    Safeguard food safety from comprehensive detection technologies such as molecular biology and physical and chemical biology.
  • Medical Research

    Covering laboratory construction, various sample processing, multi-directional, multi-platform technology research and other products, assisting medical research in all directions.
  • Reproductive Breeding

    Provide various flexible overall solutions such as various laboratory consumables, probe primers, PCR methods, quantitative PCR methods, etc.
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