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Our cooperation advantages

Make quality service your first choice

  • 01

    Professional application service

  • Our application technology team covers the entire product line and various service areas. The team members are all life science-related majors with a master's degree or above, and most of the members have more than three years of relevant experience.

  • 02

    Flexible marketing system

  • We have formed a combination of online and offline promotion, including WeChat official accounts, Douyin live broadcasts, online conferences and other new media operations, as well as traditional industry forums, exhibitions, and roadshows.

  • 03

    Perfect sales network

  • After more than 20 years of industry exploration, we have established more than 20 branches across the country, which can reach all active regions and customers in China's life science research. We are where the customers are.

Our brand strategy

Make quality service to be your first choice.

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